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It is quite unclear if they’re still together or not.

There are a few sites like ‘lovebirdsblog’ stated that they had split up in 2012.

Strahovski has the range to make viewers find empathy in all her characters, whether they're cold-blooded vixens like Mc Kay or '60s elegant icons like the spirited Rene Carpenter of ABC's nostalgic The Astronaut Wives Club.

She has had three main relationships over the years.

She is presently dating an actor, Tim Loden, right now.

, tweeted to Zachary Levi: “Hey @Zachary Levi, great job at the Tony’s. How about we grab a coffee and talk about your dreams and goals? Levi himself got in on these rumors in March of last year.

“Congrats to @Zachary Levi and @mperegrym on their stunning wedding and beautiful future,” he wrote, “Couldn’t be happier for my brother & my new sis pal.” If you’ve been missing Zachary since movie.

Last time I checked, he was not the one that walked out on his marriage.

is certainly a woman of action -- when not busting up spy rings, she's often busting the heads of villains with her wicked fighting skills.Fans wanted to believe it, but in the end…) Levi and Peregrym wed in Maui and decided to share their joy with the Twitter community via a cute pic tweeted at pm the day of. “If we had just gone straight to monetizing it and selling it directly to the fans then, we might still actually be on the air.” Levi said he planned to sit down with creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak to “gauge their temperature on it.” “Of course, I’d only want to do it with the blessing of them, they created the show, and the blessing of Warner Bros.,” Levi said.In the pic, they appear standing together wearing Mr. aired its series finale in 2012 after a five-season run."It's definitely different from anything I've done," Strahovski said over the phone last week from Los Angeles, happy to be back at her home-away-from-homeland base after a late-night flight. An Australian native whose Polish parents emigrated to the Land Down Under before she was born, the 33-year-old glamour girl with a dazzling smile brought some spicy acting chops to the portrayal of Crowley, a troubled woman who has more complex sides -- and private demons -- than your typical '40s femme fatale.And perhaps in danger of forever being typecast as an ass-kicking super-spy a la Chuck's Sarah Walker or 24's Kate Morgan, Strahovski seemed to relish a chance to transform into the other woman.What did you think of how Chuck and Sarah finally got together? There are only so many obstacles Chuck and Sarah can face.

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