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In response, Sunshine 106.8 said the agency was regulated by the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABAI) – a non-government agency.Upholding the complaint, BAI’s compliance committee noted that there is no specific regulation of dating services in Ireland, that the ABIA is an industry body instead of a regulator and that audiences would have been misled by the advert.You get a chance to produce a profile of yourself when you sign up for an online dating service, but don’t even think of exaggerating, or at least keep it to a minimum.

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If you want to succeed at online dating then drop the flash approach and get real.

People looking for love online are less attracted to someone who is too slick, and more likely to go for someone who sounds like a real person, according to a study released today in the US.

I thought he was waiting for a friend or partner, but nobody came and he was there all night.

It struck me that he was there in the hopes of meeting someone and I thought, there must be a better way.

Intro said this statement could result in members of the public believing that the agency advertised is subject to government regulation when in fact no regulator exists.

The company said the advert could lead the public to believe that the service it provides is less reputable or trustworthy.

At the end of it all the researchers found large age gaps between partners are a “deal-breaker”, while women prefer men who are taller than them and men like thin women.

Lead researcher Dr Elizabeth Bruch said the paper proves statistically what most people understand anecdotally.

Intro Matchmaking claimed the advertisment contained false and misleading statements.

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