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Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor As I have discussed previously (here and here), social and relationship roles are in flux in modern society.There is no clear guidance or script for anyone to follow in dating and relating. Given the confusion and lack of direction, I am routinely asked: The good news is that today I am going to answer those questions.They were staring into each other’s eyes and eventually the waiting staff brought the bill over to them.

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The purpose of the study according to assistant professor in psychology Dr David Fredrick was to find out why some traditional practices were being clung to despite a push for equality between the sexes. They believe that women only want equality when it suits them.

That we want to cherry pick the best of both worlds.

Yet the custom of the man picking up the check persists.

Indeed, in Lever's paper, based on a 2008 survey of more than 17,000 heterosexuals, 82 percent of men said they cover the majority of entertaining costs even after they've been dating for "a while," whereas a little over half of women reported sharing some—emphasis on some—of such expenses after six months.

Consider: You’ve spotted this woman at your local coffee shop, or grocery store, or tagged in a friend’s Facebook photo. You pick her up, open the door, and are a perfect gentleman all night. The next thing out of your mouth is “So, should we split it? In my opinion, the man should always pay for dates, at least in the beginning stages of a relationship. Probably more than you will spend on dinner, even at a nice restaurant in the city. But since this all happens behind the scenes, men tend to give a “wow, you look beautiful” at the beginning of the evening and really overlook the work and effort it took to achieve the result they wanted.

You’ve started up a conversation, and she has agreed to spend some time with you. I don’t care what Beyonce says, they did not “wake up like this.” Romance is about spending time, not money.

Traditionally, men have been the ones to do the pursuing when it came to dating. Courting has a purpose, a purpose that our generations easily lose sight of because they are caught up in the dating game and don’t understand how beautiful it is to actually form a connection with someone. Secondly, dating is not exactly a free ride for a woman.

All of these things draw the line between just dating and courting. ” Well first of all, if you are taking a woman out who is only spending time with you for a free meal, then your instincts may have to be re-calibrated so you don’t spend any more time or money on people like that.

Therefore, from an evolutionary standpoint, the traditional male asks-and-pays model serves to attract women through displays of status and ambition, "earns" women through provisioning, and compensates for discrepancies in later reproductive value.

2) From a social psychological standpoint — traditional male-led dating is also a process of socialization and gender role establishment.

She had a first date with a man and it had all gone really well.

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