Updating ipod library

To sync the entire MB library, you will need import MB library to i Tunes first. One is exporting MB library file to i Tunes, and the other is adding your music files folders to i Tunes.The difference is that some fields saved in MB database such as ratings (optional) and play count will be imported to i Tunes only through the former method.

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After wiping out the itunes library accidentally, I did this and it seemed to work beautifully.

Then my daughter and I tried draggig the songs to a playlist or to our ipod and they wouldn't drag. I want to thank you so very much for the i Tunes library= information=2E I didn't realize I was throwing out the folder= which held my library=2E However, I followed your instructions,= but the i Pod folder doesn't copy to my i Tunes library (I have a= mini i Pod)=2E I copied the control folder to two different= places, just to be sure, and didn't erase the music on the i Pod=2E= Please help=2E Hey guys, v=2Enew to this kinda thing but here goes=2E Basically, I have an= i Pod which I let a friend borrow who tried to add songs to my= i Pod but managed to delete all my songs and add only several of= the songs from his own ipod/itunes=2E Therefore I only have a= handfull ( several hundred) of songs on my ipod but would prefer= to keep them=2E I still have my own songs on my itunes but am 99%= sure that if I hook my ipod up to my PC I'll lose what's already= on my ipod or what's on my itunes=2E Is there any way of keeping= all songs (transfering my ipod's "new" songs to the itunes ) on= itunes and then manage to get them all onto my ipod? when i went to the Files menu to tell i Tunes to Add a Folder and= select the i Pod Control folder I copied no songs populated into= the library=2E=2E=2Ein fact I hit okay and nothing happend=2E In the= i Tunes preferences for my nano have selected manually manage= songs and playlists under music and copy files to i Tunes music= folder when adding to library under advanced prompt=2E Any= suggestions=2E=2E=2Eshould the songs populate in the library song= detail? I'm really having a hard time figuring this whole thing out, my entire life i spent on a Dell so i'm really struggling.

- Then connect your i Device and select the device from left sidebar.

Now choose Music tab from the main window, tick "Sync Music" and choose either "Entire library" or "Selected playlists, etc." Clicking on "Apply" button at the bottom will start syncing the selected songs to your i Device.

If your i Pod or i Phone has never been used with i Tunes, no library was created on your device.

Therefore an error message will appear, stating that there was no library found on your i Pod.For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using either website.Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.Apple has detailed instructions for that, so have a look at them.Just a matter of copying and pasting, it’s that simple.I need to know how to get my music from my ipod into my itunes library, can you help??

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