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I was persuaded to switch to BT from Sky by a sales person. It disconnects regularly and struggles to reconnect once disconnected. I was sent a faulty BT Hub 4.0 - the hub they send as standard We can’t connect to it wirelessly for longer than a couple of hours.

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Patriotism ran high in these days of Empire, and Queen Victoria sent consignments of chocolate to the troops wishing them a Happy New Year for January 1st, 1900.

This token of goodwill is well known from the First World War, but it was also a feature of the South African War.

The BT router is in exactly the same place as our sky router used to be and we are using the same devices to connect to it. I could never have achieved the 12MB speeds I said. The change over was on the 17/05/2017, BT kept me informed as to when the Hub ect.

The only variable that could be causing the issue is the router. I told them I had a VDSL line before and now I am switched to a ADSL line. would arrive, & that my landline phone would be disconnected for a while until they reconnected it.

Because you are in a contract with them there is nothing you can do to get out of it other than paying the excessive early cancellation penalties. The internet connection coming into the house is fine, we know this as it was a perfect service when we were with sky and they use the same broadband lines. Upgraded my Broadband from 13MBS to the fastest available in my area 22MBs. I have been put on an old telephone line that is 11Km long, instead of the 2KM one that went to a local fibre cabinet that I was using before.

I can't even cancel after 12 months as they say you need to give them 30 days notice but that if you give it to them before the end of your contract they count this as your cancellation date and charge you for the equipment under early cancellation effectively holding you hostage. We know the internet connects with the router it’s the wireless part of the chain that is the issue. When the switch over day came broadband down to 0.2MBs!!! I rang BT and they say I was always on the 11Km line the engineer has tested your line and there is nothing wrong with it!!!! 5 hours on the phone and am no closer to getting their big mistake fixed. I've just changed my broadband fibre package from talktalk to BT Infinity & TV.

He is on a Mercian Vincitore equipped with a Paris-Roubaix gear which, although had been used in Italy in the early 50s, was very rare in the time-trialling community in the UK at this time.

Dave also used this machine to break the Land's End to John o Groats record in the same year.

The Suffolks' first battle was to assault Red Hill near Colesburg in January 1900 with heavy losses.

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