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There are two ways to use text messaging with Outlook 2010.

Communicating with a wireless device by sending e-mail messages can be awkward — not all mobile devices can connect to an e-mail account, and accessing e-mail messages on a mobile device is typically slower and more difficult than reading text messages.

This will show you how to send a short message from a computer via the Yahoo!

™ website to a cell phone, including how to reply and accept replies which are received in chat format. If you do not have a Yahoo account please skip to step 2-b.It allows for up to 147 characters (actual character may vary based on how many characters your user name contains) and it will keep track for you.Click the “Send” button on the right hand side of the text box. *If the cell phone receiving the SMS has another application similar to this feature (such as Google Voice) then they may not be able to receive the SMS.Also, incoming messages are received in your Outlook Inbox.You can save your text messages just as you would with an e-mail message.Follow Yahoo's instructions on how to create your new account. At the top left of the screen, in between your username and ‘Sign Out’ it will show your status as either ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘Invisible’, or ‘Offline’.

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