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The results: The serial number on my Sports reads (4) 400044.(I am fairly certain that the first digit is a 4 although it could also be a 1.The history of Raleigh bicycles started in 1885, when Richard Morriss Woodhead from Sherwood Forest, and Paul Eugene Louis Angois, a French citizen, set up a small bicycle workshop in Raleigh Street, Nottingham, England.

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All it takes is getting low to the ground to read the numbers embossed in the front of the bracket.

But because that part of the bike tends to collect much more dirt than the seat lug, the serial number was completely covered in mud and I wouldn’t have found it had I not specifically been looking there.

Everything on this web site is (c)2013 VVVintage Vintage Bicycles and may not be used in any way without written permission Here are the years that Raleigh took over various 3-speed companies.

Humber 1932 Rudge-Whitworth 1943 Triumph 19 Phillips 1960 Hercules 1960 ============================================== Dating Your Raleigh 3-speed Bicycle If your bicycle has a Sturmey-Archer hub (c1903-1990s), it should have on the hub a date of manufacture, which would normally also be the cycle's date of manufacture.

It may also be possible to date your bicycle from its frame number which on early models is usually located underneath the seat lug, under the saddle.

This only applies to a genuine Raleigh, not to other makes.The list below will help with dating your Raleigh bicycle from the frame numbers, but is not a definitive list, it simply notes occasional frame numbers that coincide with certain years of manufacture.Raleigh Bicycles 1888-1925 -------------------------- From frame number located under saddle Prior to 1925, genuine Raleighs (not necessarily brand names made by Raleigh) had a straight forward numerical frame number. 1888 1500 1907 183073 1889 3200 1908 215650 1890 5200 1909 249081 1891 7600 1910 285669 1892 10500 1911 328748 1893 13900 1912 375693 1894 19100 1913 427829 1895 25300 1914 482851 1896 32100 1915 517198 1897 39913 1916 545198 1898 45981 1917 569737 1899 54032 1918 592473 1900 65152 1919 621678 1900 69868 1920 654502 1901 77342 1921 688291 1902 89622 1922 738447 1903 102954 1923 809184 1904 112673 1924 899465 1905 129228 1925 998077 1906 154917 Raleigh Bicycles 1925-Second War -------------------------------- Between 1925 and the cessation of cycle production during the Second World War, letters prefixed or suffixed the running frame number although no indication is given of the starting point of the numbers. (Most sources point to the seat lug for 1960s Sports and that’s where I had been fruitlessly searching for something I seemed to be missing).Ded Hed commented that serial numbers can be found on: As it turns out, the serial number on our 1960s Sports and Sprite are located under the bottom bracket (underneath the crank).As proper factory documentation is very limited, the following charts are a constant work in progress; they have been compiled by examining numerous Raleigh frames from each period, component date codes, decal schemes, color availabilities per year; and - occasionally - official papers. Nevertheless, please put your mind at ease - these serial charts have been checked, re-checked, and are as accurate as I can provide at their time of publication.

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