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The fundamental root of the pleasure obtained from submitting to a woman financially resides in the value system.The October Man Sequence was first mentioned (rather briefly) by Neil Strauss in his seminal New York Times blockbuster, The Game. simply because the claims are bold: expert users of the October Man Sequence are said to have the ability to make women want to sleep with them in very short time (15 minutes or less).using the routine as a method on how to kiss a girl and make her fall in love quickly.

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This is dangerous because unsuspecting women could well be manipulated and in the process become vulnerable.

Accelerated Growth & Healing Anxiety Reduction Concentration, Focus and Memory Relaxation Learning/Complex Tasks Depression Reduction Delta Session (Meditation) Gamma Session (Meditation) Alpha-Theta Session (Meditation) Creative Focus Energy / Motivation Immune System Enhancement Headache / Migraine Relief Sleep: Insomnia Buster Increase Intelligence Sleep: Deep Sleep Induction Stress Relief Will Power / Breaking Habits Break Free of Limiting Belief Many of the product claims here may be exaggerated, hype and overrated.

It was invented by a somewhat shadowy figure who went by the name of IN10SE, and he was also featured quite prominently in Neil Strauss’ book (albeit using another name).

He was one of the students of Ross Jeffries, a seduction community “Godfather” who pioneered work in using hypnosis in seduction (he came up with his own techniques now known as Speed Seduction).

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I want to tell you about one of the greatest discoveries in America today, and thats Lisa Sasevich.

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