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Variants on the term include B-girl, hostess, juicy girl, and guest relations officer.

First off, the little girl (whose face I have covered) and her friend were playing on the swings and spinning around and the girl fell backwards and her legs were stuck over the side and her entire pants AND underwear CAME OFF.. The girl had to untwist her to get her pants up first.

While that was an accident (and should teach her about wearing PJs to the park) when the other girl got up to play and we saw her Gstring hanging out the back, I about died.

Girls of the Cebu, lovingly called filipinas, come in all shades of skins from chocolate to vanilla. Although some of Philippines girls can be tall, most are very petite standing an average of 151.8 cm (4′ 11.8″), very short compared to other countries.

People most probably would not refer to Cebu as the' Pearl of the South' if it was blatantly a red light district as say Angeles City is.

Actually I was intrigued to learn that out country people do regularly get killed by lightning strike.

In fact on this trip and couple of short weeks into the rainy season, the Phnom Penh Post reports 86 people killed and 200 odd injured.

The situation in the Philippines is desperate especially for single mothers, but the best thing you can do is fly there and invest in the Philippine travel and tourism industry. Cebu has different types of activities and services related to adult entertainment and recreation.

There are street prostitutes available in and around the place.

Entry visa at airport, make sure you have passport photograph (no copies or computer generated) and 20US$. Entertaining 3 star hotel, moderately priced, big rooms, very clean, great view of the Tonle Sap.

As you walk out of customs on your left pick up a local sim card for your phone. Very popular at night with KTV on the 3rd floor and nightclub in the basement.

I have lost touch with my inner self, generally there So I am 55 , I think good for my age. I am no performing expert but I consider myself a great social dancer.

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