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by Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor, Plymouth Institute of Education This is the third in my blog series on major learning theories.My plan is to work through the alphabet of psychologists and provide a brief overview of their theories, and how each can be applied in education.Certain signs and symptoms can suggest that a person might have acute lymphocytic leukemia, but tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.

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Imagine you find yourself with someone you trust and admire.

You are handed a bong, a bottle, or some pills and offered a place in the crowd.

The infamous teenage years are prime time for trying new things and asserting one’s independence.

As teens transition into adulthood, they often become tempted by adult activities.

This is especially true for adolescents and teens who are going through a process of transformation from childhood into adulthood.

They are still discovering who they are, and through the confusion that often causes, want all the more to be accepted by their peers.During the physical exam, the doctor will probably focus on any enlarged lymph nodes, areas of bleeding or bruising, or possible signs of infection.The eyes, mouth, and skin will be looked at carefully, and a thorough nervous system exam may be done.Design/methodology/approach: This study comprised sample of 200 young adults in Malaysia.A cross-sectional research design was used to examine the impact of Internet addiction.Your abdomen will be felt for signs of an enlarged spleen or liver.

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