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Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and she is the one, don’t you know.

On the other side, Lu Ann grew increasingly catty in her squabbles with Carole, chastising her for, among other things, chasing a man so many years her junior.

Well, Countess Luann may not be happy about it, but Carole Radziwill and Adam Kentworthy are definitely still together on if their social media accounts are any indication.

They were never boring which is a good thing to point out cause they don't even have, you know as much skin ships as most couples but they're entertaining and a very great match.

Lee Jonghyun from CNBlue and Actress Gong Seung Yeon They seem genuine and straight forward with their feelings for each other.

Their constant skinship, loving gazes, and generally intimate friendship convinced Cassiopeia that they were more than friends.

When the TVXQ split happened, fans were devastated, not only because there was now a fissure in their potential ship but also because two best friends were separated. The 5 of them may or may not still be friends but after looking at all different articles and videos of yunjae, I got a strong feeling that they do have a thing for each other.

These were some of the most popular ships in the K-Pop fandom! Still, losing a good friend who you have spent years with is definitely a really unpleasant feeling.

Whether they are just friends or more than that, I sincerely hope one day they will just get back to being friends.

Remember how bummed we were when The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up?

Luckily they've been able to remain friends, but they certainly aren't the first TV costars to strike up (and then end) a romantic relationship — small-screen duos like Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, and Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron also hooked up during their downtime, and leading ladies like Jennifer Garner, Emily Van Camp, and Sophia Bush were lucky enough to find love on more than one set.

I also like the feel of innocence in their relationship. I would love to watch them remarried if given the change by WGM! You can see how Yong Seo's relationship progress bit by bit and it is so heartwarming.

Unlike some other couples who just progress into a stage out of sudden that seems like they are doing things and faking a front for the show.

Scroll through to see 33 couples that took their love off screen — and even worked together well past their demise.

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